Hi, my adorable sister.

I made a decision to write small stories to you. It is necessary for me to improve my writing English skills.

When I studied at hight school in Minsk , I hated writing an essays to the core. Us did not teach that it has structure and

own principles. I spent a lot of time in torment and naively believed that after school I will never have to write more essays

But the Life trows out the jokey tricks! Often I remember the postulates of Jewish Kabbalah which I heard long time ago. I'm not sure that this sounds in the original source. But it is funny and curious intersects with the laws of dialectics. First, do what you afraid or do not want to do. Turn around to the problems and fears. Secondary, you wiil be punished if you didn`t do it.

As a result , now I have to write hated essays in a foreign language. In this way I understand that my task my task is acceptable to write in English.