в общем, в октябре было ститер-бинго, и я смогла полностью закрыть general tropes!

UPD: оказалось, что я единственная закрыла целую карточку, ы

It’s always morning somewhere on the Earth 1.6k words

Squares: Alternative universe - Coffee Shop; Everyone is human, Free space (spies and agents), Murder husbands

“Curra(nt)-coffee” was a small coffee shop somewhere between two metro stations. Stiles worked there, and Peter usually came there for the information.

Spite-date me 6k words

Squares: Fake daring, Touch starved Stiles, Creature Stiles, Alive Hale Family, Meet Cute, Alternative Universe - High School, Omega!Verse

Stiles thought he would never find a lover because he was a cat lady, but, apparently, the cat helped him find Peter.

Магазинчик ведьмы Гажос 3+k words

Squares: Kid Fic (Stiles is a single parent), Spark!Stiles, Tattoos, Lawyer Peter Hale

Десять лет назад ведьма Гажос умерла, не оставив наследников. Однако, она наложила на свой магазинчик магических товаров проклятие - только её кровный родственник мог бы им управлять. К сожалению, закрытие магазинчика негативно сказалось на магическом районе, и никто ничего не мог с этим сделать.
Питер нашёл Стайлза.

Kingdom Fall 2.2k words

Squares: Werewolf Mates, Arranged Marriage, Werewolves are known

To conclude a treaty of peace they needed a marriage. Nobody is happy, but that's the only way to save their people.

keep away from wounded wolf 2.1k words

Squares: Hurt/Comfort, Friends to Lovers

Peter couldn't heal properly even a year from his resurrection, Stiles is the only one to notice. Though Stiles isn't the one to notice his own feelings

Pre-council ride 9+k words

Squares: Alpha Peter, Alpha Stiles, Nekz ‘n’ Throats, Sugar Daddy/Baby, Werewolves are known

After the sudden death of alpha Stilinski, just a few days before the alpha council and Stiles was left alone. Luckily, Peter was in debt of Noah so he would make sure Stiles will make it.

the root of all evil 0.4k words

Squares: Creature Stiles, Road trips

"I'm going to be around 'till this nightmare is over."
"You are the reason this shit happens in the first place."

@темы: я люблю создать себе на пустом месте проблему, что-то вроде сделалось, хиса и раршипы, teen wolf