House: The answer is listeria. I’m starting you on amp and gent.

Foreman: So you’re basing this theory on the tests being negative and your rat being healthy?

House: And the fact that Legionnaire’s is helping you.

Foreman: But the medicine you wanna give me will put an end to that.

House: Yeah.

Foreman: And if it’s not listeria all the gent will do is cure the Legionnaire’s Disease and put whatever is killing me back into overdrive.

House: Stop asking me questions based on the premise that I’m wrong. The antibiotics are in the airlock.

Foreman: I think the first biopsy didn’t give us the answer because you didn’t go deep enough. I want you to do a white matter brain biopsy.

House: Absolutely. Don’t blame you. The world is such a complicated place if you’ve got higher reasoning skills. I’m often jealous of smaller animals and retarded children. Take the antibiotics.

Foreman: There can be minimal damage if it’s done right. If the surgeons drill where I tell them to drill.

House: One slip, you could spend the rest of your life not being able to keep your drool in your mouth.

Foreman: I’d rather be disabled than dead.

House: Sure, I make it look oh-so-sexy. It’s actually not as glamorous as you may think.

Foreman: The biopsy will tell us for sure what’s wrong.

House: The antibiotics could do the same thing!

Foreman: Could! Not will.

House: We try it, we see!

Foreman: The antibiotics will bring back the pain!

House: Pain makes us make bad decisions. Fear of pain is almost as big a motivator. Now look, we still have time. I will do that biopsy if I have to, but not a moment before.

Autopsy (Part 2), S2

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