[Cameron walks in, she's in scrubs.]

Cameron: Wegener's would have responded to the steroids.

Chase: Maybe you should go home, take the rest of the day. [He puts a hand on her shoulder, she shrugs it off.]

Cameron: I'm fine.

[House looks at them speculatively.]

House: Oh this is good, he's pretending to care, you're pretending not to.

Cameron: I think we should reconsider drugs. Kalvin uses crystal meth.

House: Concerned enough about his health to stalk me while indulging in deadly street drugs. [Takes a vicodin.] Study in contradictions. Interesting. Still not medically relevant.

Cameron: It could be, if his drugs were tainted. They cook meth with battery acid, lye, lantern fuel...

House: Find Kalvin's pills, test for toxins.

Hunting, S2

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