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Cuddy: It’s legal.

House: He’s out of his mind! Yesterday he was giggling about a hole in a guy’s head.

Cuddy: Then hire a laywer and challenge it. In the mean time, Cameron’s in charge.

Rodney: Why would he sign that?

Cameron: It’s nothing personal, Mr. Foreman.

Rodney: My son doesn’t trust me – how exactly is that not personal?

Cameron: I’m sorry.

House: You’re sorry? You’re talking about this man’s son. You’re denying him the right to be a part of –

Cuddy: Oh, shut up, House. If you want to do the biopsy, do the biopsy. If House tries to interfere, let me know and I will take care of it.

Cameron: Yeah, you’re a hero. If it wasn’t for you, we’d be cutting into a dead guy’s head instead of Foreman’s. Sorry. Thanks.

[Cut to House and Cameron leaving the clinic.]

House: That was great!

Cameron: It was rude and unnecessary.

House: Yeah.

Cameron: Go away.

House: Give me time.

Cameron: We’re out of time.

Euphoria (Part Two). S2

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