House: Loss of hair color indicates an autoimmune condition, likely Grave's disease. Hyperthyroidism leads to a hypercoagulable state, which causes thrombosis. Start him on antithyroids.

Adams: You want to reject our current diagnosis because he had a few gray hairs, panicked, and shaved his head?

[House tries to stuff one more candy bar into the cup, but it does not fit, so he puts the last candy bar back, then puts the lid on the cup]

House: I want to reject our current diagnosis because I think we're wrong. And treating for wrong diagnoses can result in side effects like death.

Taub: Even if he did full go gray, stress seems way more likely than Grave's.

House: I haven't read any journal articles proving that veterans have a higher incidence of depigmentation. Of course, that could be the hepatic encephalopathy talking.

Chase: Our treatment for Bernard Soulier hasn't had time—

House: So you all just want to ignore the new symptom?

Adams: It's not Grave's because it's not a symptom at all. And the antithyroids you want could reduce his blood pressure and his ability to breathe. Which can result in side effects, like death.

[House has arrived at the cashier station. He pretends to be sipping from the straw in the drink cup as he pays for his purchase]

House: (to the cashier) Small soda. Grave's it is. Start him on antithyroids.

Blowing The Whistle, S8

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