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Get it done

The Table is completed.
There are certain small things to be done, like papers' shelf and water bottle platform, fish tank pedestal... and wall shelves ofc. However, The Table itself is finished up to trim and hem. My cat firmly sleeps on it being rather sure that a radiator underneath works specially for her. Surely, the beastie gets tired running across spaces which I retake from the building site.

A small Moon (not so small after all, tho, 15 sm it is) arrived and now shines evenly and brightly in colours attuned to my mind. Makes me go visual a bit. And reflects in the black mirrors of new 24" Benqs, for which me and Guns drived very carefully on this tinker's day.

I'm as far as possible from any kind of exquisitive musing and still very much into making my home. As an interruption, we spent last Sunday on the move, visited Kharu for pancakes and met Klyost there and so triggered an evening of wonderful storytelling.
I walked a nearby forest for a slicer yesterday, just in time before this nasty thaw; on the way back I've commonly visited favourite hardware stores and a bookstore to materialize there my gifts from certificates. Having found discounts there I've understood that it takes far more than an hour there... So, today I've got Darren Todd's Pirate nation. How Digital Piracy is Transforming Business, Society and Culture in the first place, a French traveller's notes on Saint-Petersburg in times of Ekaterin the Great, Panov's Uroboros' kiss as some light reading (not so light after all; the cycle grows very much martinish), Lapton sisters' Design for 1000 fittings for new ideas and approaches, and last but not least, History and Fiction, a pile of pan Sapkovsky's interviews reworked in a book.
And I've made my report to Goodreads; inner challenge of 100 book less than half-done. Now I know how much I read in terms of books, though.

@музыка: Astropilot - Yasmin

@настроение: going to bed with a book

@темы: библиотека встречи реальность

2018-12-05 в 10:32 

Челленж каждый год удивляет.) В этом году впервые добралась до его финишной прямой, и то было всего 10 книг... Твои 50 меня поразили. И когда ты находишь столько времени на чтение...)

2018-12-05 в 14:50 

Китрисс, ну, времени-то уходит немного. Считай, 3-5 часов чистого времени на книгу, в зависимости от масштаба.

2018-12-06 в 00:20 

Black Moon Cat, это если в ней 300-350 страниц стандартного для книги формата? Или ты быстро читаешь.)

2018-12-06 в 11:35 

Китрисс, быстро, да. Тяжёлое детство, чугунные игрушки.. В среднем 100-150, до 200 страниц/час в зависимости от сложности текста. С годами не то чтобы скорость начала падать, но я стала читать меньшими отрывками, потому что больше думаю в процессе чтения, а не по его окончании. Поэтому эти 3-5 часов зачастую размазаны по нескольким дням.

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