Ознакомьтесь с нашей политикой обработки персональных данных

It's been a long while

Speaking of my everyday life (and it's not like I have any other nowadays) I can't but cite myself from a letter:
Sunny and cold, hell I call that! *laughs*
I'm rather fine. Rather, for my collegue went to hospital, thus I've got her part of work as well. But I still have friends to host and visit, concerts and trainings for entertaniments and massage from Mar'ya for crying and pain. *giggles*
For example, yesterday's home concert of Kalugin was marvellous, and I slept sooooo sweetly at Paul's afterwards!
Gonna go to NagasakiWasabi with a friend today.
And my order of Heroes of Might&Magic is delivered, so I've got them soon! *almost dancing*

The seven samurais make me visiting Wasabi. Past time in a good company is all I can say; I spent there more than I'm going to get, but that time was good anyway.
Home is told to be my happiness yet I have no time for this; home is a place to fall asleep.

The HoMM collector's edition I've got; it's soooo gorgeous! Whitewolf.Rus got my order from the delivery but didn't give to me in the first for I have no documents and whiskers and tail won't do he wanted to look inside as well. So we unpacked the box at his place.
Friends claim me to be knocked off this world for a long while.
They might be right. Eight discs, gods bless me!

About the Tarot deck I've got mixed feelings: Major Arcana look promising, though (or maybe because) they need a lot of personal tuning. The same comes to Minors, for they're faceless (except the Court Arcana, and then, these I have to learn).

Today I should get my order from Lucita, which contains a pretty Swarovski square ring crystal and four pairs of silvery clips' basis (these were real foundation of the order; I need to convert my new aventurine earrings to clips before wearing).

Unexpected talks of the Wheel rise around me — with whose who knows of it and whose who knows not.
With Paul we giggle of Hell, Limbo and Beltain but it takes Andrey to remind me that Imbolc is coming.
We almost lived through yet another winter.

People become hysterical of Google's new policies, and I can't help laughing. What do they look for to be so easily scaried? What in their personal data could've ever been of any importance, truly?
Society is funny in all ways.
Sitting here at work I wait for a staff meeting.

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2012-01-31 в 15:19 

Надо было видеть счастливую физиономию свежепоглаженной Кошки, когда она, наверное, уже в n-ный раз рассматривала книги и карты "Героев Меча и Магии". Это нечто! Я вечность не видела у нее такой светящейся мордашки, да еще и с более чем удачно подобранным гримом в розовато-сиреневых тонах. Если вам вдруг выпадет такая возможность, не пропустите: дайте ей показать вам данную игрушку.:-D

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2012-01-31 в 18:44 

Eight CDs!.. %)

Jeez! I read their new polices few times from cover to cover, and didn't find anything so terrible. And you know how cautiously I go with everything that relates to personal data.

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