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Good Omens

Angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley has been watching the Earth since the very beginning of time, doing good things and bad things respectively.
As time passed these two have managed to establish some kind of nice working relationship including lending a hand to one another if needed. Why waste time and go to the same place at the same time together if one could easily do both jobs, e.g. tempting and blessing.

Although both of them were aware of the Great Plan, which definitely includes the Apocalypse, it all seemed to happen in the very distant future so no need to worry now. Everything changed when Crowley was assigned with the task of delivering the Antichrist to the Order of satanic nuns. The nuns in turn were supposed to switch the baby of an American diplomat with the son of their Master. So on his eleventh birthday the boy will meet the hellhound, name it and the Apocalypse will begin.

Crowley was in favor of the Apocalypse in general terms but he seemed to be enjoying his life on Earth a bit too much to end it soon. So was his colleague and friend Aziraphale, there are no classical music and wine and books in heaven after all.
So maybe if Adam the Antichrist falls under the good influence of an Angel he will not initiate the Apocalypse when time comes.

Due to the nuns cock-up with switching the babies the so called 'Destroyer of Kings, Angel of the Bottomless Pit' that was supposed to go to America is actually living in a small English village of Tadfield under no influence of either an angel or a demon. It all becomes obvious when the assumed Antichrist doesn't get a dog for his 11th B-day but Adam in England does. The dreadful hellhound transforms itself into a cute small dog following its master's desire, the boy who eagerly wished for a dog happily excepts his new 'good boy' so all the schemes are set in motion and the Apocalypse is now days away.

I enjoyed the show, it's nice, funny and smart. Loved the acting of David Tennant and Michael Sheen. These two are actually what I love the most about the show. Really nice bromance they had on the screen. I'm quite surprised the show almost managed to avoid gay jokes. Even Sherlock couldn't resist the temptation.
I really appreciate the music.
I've read the book quite some time ago so I don't remember the details much, but from what I do remember the show is very accurate, it tells the story nicely and according to the original idea of the authors.
I only hope there is no season two coming, this story really doesn't need any sequels.

Funny how the demon is always honest and straightforward with the angel. But 'the good guy' keeps being such a hypocrite.

I wish I could understand English better so didn't have to use the rewind button and subs so often. >_<

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2019-08-26 в 17:22 

Nice post, I enjoyed the reading, thanx! ) Аффтар, пешы есчо! )

2019-08-26 в 18:30 

*~Kagome~*, спасибо = )

2019-08-26 в 18:44 

Phate, :flower:

2019-08-29 в 12:17 

Жесть, наверно пока не осилю)

2019-08-30 в 10:41 

Angie-AL, да ничё страшного. Я про них потом ещё коротко напишу в апдейте сериалопостаю. На русском )

2019-08-30 в 11:46 

Крутой сериал, да?

2019-08-30 в 14:03 

Angie-AL, хороший )



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