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Outside there are the last few days of sun before a long season of fiftysomething shades of gray.
Instead of being there, walking the streets, breathing the air and taking pictures I'm staying home, having a housewife's trip, cleaning, cooking, changing cat litter and other stuff.
I've never been good at seizing the moment.

I've stashed a bottle of American Zinfandel. This is the closest I can get to California right now. Maybe someday, in the future I will be able to catch a bit of Californian sun myself. Who knows, right?

Last week I've had a nice couple of days of boardgaming. On Friday we've played Bruges and Cluedo. Bruges is a lovely game with the most actions taken by cards. The map is used mostly as a tool to keep score and it makes the game look nice. Together with Azgrim we've finished second, which is ok taking into account it was the first time we played the game. Yeah, we've scored the same amount of points, when Azgrim was occupied with building channels and getting statues, I was trying to build as many houses as possible and put my dudes into those houses. At the very beginning Azgrim became a channel leader, some rounds later I snatched a different king of leadership, I had the largest characters' pool, although I had to murder one random character of each player to own it. While all the way through my beloved husband kept the reputation leadership with no chance for anyone to take over. He by the way won the game. Guys living in his houses appeared to be cooler than those living in mine.
Our host finished last. = ) There were four of us, btw.

Cluedo is a sherlockholmes' game of investigating a murder. Players ask questions, take notes to find out who committed the murder, where he/she did it and what weapon he/she used.
The game seemed really hard for me, to make all the notes clear, not to confuse myself, but at some point it all became obvious and I managed to win the game before other playes were able to.

On Saturday we've spent some time with Codenames, Bang! Samurai Sword, King of New York and Camel Up!. Codenames were fun although it's hard to play with people whose way of thinking you don't follow.
Bang! was a bit of fun and a bit of something else. The game recommends players to keep their roles in secret. Some of us just couldn't help showing everybody what team they play for.
My character's special ability was to attack twice per turn, but all the weapons stuck in others' players hands. It really sucked. I could kill all the motherfuckers and it's exactly what should be done while being a Ronin. It's just the game didn't wish to give me at least some weapons. Athough it flooded me with the Defend Cards. For other players it was so hard to finish me off = ) It was fun after all. = )
King of New York is a game where it's really easy to get your ass kicked during the first couple of rounds. Kill or be killed. Those dead monsters go have some tea and chat stuff when the living ones conquer New York and find out who's the biggest monkey in the jungle. I was done long before the end. But I kept cheering and having fun. = )

Camel Up is a fun game of bets on Camel's racing. There were four of us left to deal with camels.
It's fun to play, easygoing, quite fast, and good for your Instagram. C'mon, Camel's race, with the actual miniatures of camels, whith a pyramid, a photo camera and a nice race track. It's really good for showing your mates what you're up to.

I really want to play Sheriff of Nottingham with some of my mates. It would be so fun, so not serious, may be even a little bit not sober. The rules are easy, btw.

The best board games are designed for four to five players, unfortunately. Bigger companies will have to play Munchkin till the very moment they got sick of this game. Some party games are also on the menu, of course. If you ask me I'd rather play some Alias than Munchkin. This monster-killing dungeon-looting game has got me sick to my stomach.

Just skip this post, guys. I realize it's not easy for everyone to read it and comment on it. It's just I want my brain work and also challenge myself. :dance3:

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2018-09-24 в 15:49 

Nice stuff, I like it! That was really nice weekend (except one lil accident but "accident happens" © Hades) with a lot of fun, tablegames and yummies ) Especially, my way to home was not so long and lonely as usual - all thanks to your taxi service!

P.S. I think it's Camel Cup not Up or I wrong?

2018-09-24 в 18:04 

Azgrim, "Camel up!". Инфа 100% :angel2:

2018-09-24 в 18:09 

Phate, ok )

2018-09-25 в 08:05 


2018-09-25 в 09:17 

Usagi Chiba, :angel2:

2018-09-25 в 14:14 

I'm really sorry, but it's too difficult to comment this post minutely right now.
May be some other time in the future, when I'll finally have some spare time...

2018-09-25 в 16:11 

Angie-AL, :vo:



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