Recently I've become quite a fan of Sherlock Holmes. Not the original story, of course, since reading is not a kind of activity I enjoy.

First of all, it was Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes" whith Sherlock portrayed by my greatest love Robert Downey Jr. Followed by the most disturbing, yet brilliant BBC drama series "Sherlock", bringing the action from old England to modern days, introducing an outstanding actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
Last year 'lovely villain' Jonny Lee Miller joined the 'Sherlock team' in a based on the original story TV-show "Elementary", where Sherlock moved from London to New York, hooked on heroin, rehabilitated and met pretty Dr. Watson which is now female and played by Lucy Liu.

It seems like I would enjoy every more or less watchable Sherlock movie or TV-show. Couple of days ago I saw a movie-poster with a handsome guy on a cover, who was supposed to be Sherlock. This is how I found "Sherlock: Case of Evil".
I couldn't find the movie on Russian trackers, so this post is in English )

The movie brings us to Sherlock (James D'Arcy) in his late 20s. He's chasing Professor Moriarty (Vincent D'Onofrio). They fight, Sherlock shots him in the chest, Moriarty falls down the sewers. He's pronounced dead but the body was never found.

Was he dead? Fuck no!
SPOILER alert.

Later, opium den owners started getting murdered. During the autopsy Inspector Lestrade introduces Sherlock to Dr. Watson. Who's here a man of shocking looks and enormous size, not even close to Martin Freeman, but still a nice guy.
Together they come to a conclusion that Moriarty is alive, and he's behind all these murders. The situation gets more complicated, when Sherlock realizes the girl, who hired him to track down Moriarty at the first place, was actually an actress, hired by Moriarty himself.
And now, when Sherlock found her, she gets into Moriarty's kill list.
Once again Sherlock confronts Moriarty, but this time Moriarty appears to be well prepared. Sherlock gets his ass kicked and is captured by his thugs.
The bad guy is planning to take over a drug market in England and America. For this purpose he invented a new strong and highly addictive drug. Nameless yet. And of course he's about to test it on Sherlock.
'Before you die, maybe you have any ideas about the name', - says Moriarty to Sherlock. 'It must be something heroic'.
Funny, hah!?

Balancing on the verge of death for a couple of days, Sherlock finally catches the moment and organizes his escape. He's a hard guy to break!
It's only a matter of time when Holmes, Watson and Lestrade capture Moriarty. But again the villain's one step ahead of all the good guys. He kidnaps the girl, for whom Sherlock seems to have romantic feelings and is expecting guests to come.

On the final stage Sherlock, Moriarty and the girl Rebecca Doyle. Moriarty wants Sherlock to live with an image of dying beloved. He shots Sherlock, causing him minor damage, than he shots Rebecca dead. Sad.
Sherlock gets mad, runs after Moriarty, fences him and drops him down from Big Ban. Epic win, sort of...

When it's over Sherlock received a package with his famous hat inside, and Watson presents him with a smoking pipe. He puts on the hat, takes the pipe, making a canonical image of Sherlock Holmes, Watson takes a photograph of him.

The End.

Funny how this 'Sherlock' differs from all I've seen before. The story is sexed up considerably. My favourite scene is when our detective's trying hard to solve Moriarty's mystery, drinking a helping bottle of Gin, than wine, than a bottle of Absinthe. Wasted, he picks up two girls and having a threesome.
Normally, one should fall down drunk after a bottle of Gin. And this guy Moriarty tries to kill with heroine?! Pleeease.

I pretty much love this 'Sherlock'. All the characters are extremely nice and I found myself sympathising more and more with all of them as the movie wents on.
Sherlock himself is adorable, cute and sometimes funny. He's nowhere close to sociopath Benedict, or "hard-rock" Robert. He reminds me of Jonny, actually. Jonny with qualities of 19-century gentleman.

Dr. Watson as I already mentioned is a man of a great size. Surprising after Jude or Martin. But he's still a very nice guy, ready to help even if this help costs him his career.

Moriarty is no mystery here, unfortunately. But he's totally an evil genius, with a splash of madness in his eyes. He's quite the Andrew Scott's Moriarty. Although unlike BBC' Moriarty this one seems to be defeated.

Sadly, the movie is not to be continued.

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