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Aaaaaand it's over! Gone for good! )
I just finished the last episode. The finale was all about moving on, and being positive. Somehow I'm not feeling exactly positive about the episode.
Julia was gone long ago. The fact that she's getting married to some english guy doesn't change anything.
Matt is acting like he was dropped with his head down when he was little. Bringing Ava back? Is she the one for him? Jeez, she'd better have stayed in season 2 and never come back, 'cause makng 'em a family with little Jenna seems wrong and unnatural.
As for Sean and Christian, I don't think it's the best possible way out for them. Splitting 'em up was a mistake. Not that it wasn't coming, but I'd would rather see the hard work they've been doing through 7 years keeping themselves together wasn't for nothing. They've been like this from the very beggining, completely opposite, but they used to manage the disagreements and deal with each other. I can think of why the creators decided to split them up eventually. It was the first time Christian did a good thing for someone else at his own expense.
But is he going to change? Hardly. That makes the whole drama about letting Sean go just bullshit.
Kimber allusion in the very last scene proves the fact that Christian is not changing ever. By the way, bringing up Kimber like this wasn't the best idea as well. It would take a girl from the bar to show things are remaining as they were. It was unnecessary to replay the scene as he met Kimber.
Not the best finale possible, but taking into account for the last couple of seasons show wasn't that brilliant as it used to be at the beggining, I think I can except the finale and move on with other TV shows )))

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Nip Tuck

Almost done with it. Three episodes to go.
And now they're doing group therapy. Jeez. It really should have ended seasons ago >_<

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twitter style

Just got a clue of Street Fighter 4 OST. It's fucking brilliant!

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You ought to forgive me, 'cause I'm going to right a few words in English once again.
The reason for the sudden change of language is not that sudden actually. I'm finishing the show which I used to watch with no translation from almost the very beginning. The fact that I've been having a lot of English lately encourages me to switch to it in this blog.
I believe, thanks to this ability of mine I would easily adopt in an english speaking country. But anyway...

Monday passed and took away all depressing thoughts I had. Today's better. Happy, shiny, smiling me ^_^

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I feel like complicating things again.
Sometimes it's clear and simple, and the other day it's a damn shithole. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do, not sure who I am and what it's all about. It's like I'm standing in the middle of a dark field with no clue where to go or what is there in the darkness for me.
Kinda scarry.
It evokes a strong desire to hide under the blanket and turn invisible.
Maybe it's just monday. Or maybe there are certain things that trouble me. Make 'em disappear and I'll find another way to be miserable. )
Jeez, it's better be monday.

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Timmermans Kriek - the best beer ever! How comes it's so expensive?! (

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Friday Night Plans

Guess what! We're trying our luck again tonight! Going to visit Brut Bar without reserving a table. Hope there won't be such an ass as it was last week. >_<
Let us try some of this Bar's famous cocktails, have fun and get drunk! )

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...it just came to my mind

today was the first time i was actually thinking of hurting myself just to get out of there...
totally fucked up shit >_<

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The Big Bang Theory
3x03 [The Gothowitz Deviation]
Not much to say here. Except... Sheldon is adorable.

Leonard: Sheldon, you can't train my girlfriend like a lab rat.
Sheldon: Actually, it turns out I can.

Sheldon: Sex works even better than chocolate to modify behaviour. I wonder if anyone else has stumbled onto that.

Grey's Anatomy
6x03 [I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me]
There is something in this show that keeps me watching it. There is joy, drama, grief, sorrow. And all the characters like old buddies. Just wanna meet them again. )
Economic Crisis stroke Seatle Grace, merger with Mercy West is on the way and now some cuts and redundancies are to be made. Feels so familiar.
Lexie is trying to be at her very best, when it doesn't work out, Mark is always there to support.
Same with Izzie and Alex. Izzie is ready for battle, she's armed with a new wig and high ambitions. Alex is around to keep an eye on her. The scene when he brings her medications and a banana was very cute )
Christina is hiding from cuts in pediatrics. She's got a cute pink bear on her coat and this very special funny look on her face. )

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Psych s04e06

[Bollywood Homicide]
This episode gave us so much of Abigail! It was like making up for all those episodes she didn't appear in. ))
Here comes dating, kissing, socializing... It appears Abigail never met Juliet before ^_^ Juliet was cute... all this kindergarten blah-blah talk )

Shawn: She's (Juliet) not just random co-worker.
True ))) Thanx for that, Shawn = ))

Mmm... Mohinder. I mean Sendhil Ramamurthy ) Never liked him in Heroes. Though he was quite cute as a 'love cursed' guy in Psych ))

Shawn: What's your name?
Raj: Raj
Shawn: Can I call you Roger?
Raj: It's Rajesh actually.
Shawn: Let's stick with Raj

Do you believe in love curses?

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"nothing thrills us anymore..."

something's gonna bring me joy. just wait for it...

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I figured. 'Four' is a crowd. 'Three' works perfecty fine.

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Psych 3x07 [Talk Derby To Me]

Synopsis: Juliet goes undercover as a skater in a girl's skate band, who are suspected in commiting robberies.

This episode shows less of Gus and more of Juliet, thus bringing up 'Shawn and Juliet' relationship, which was highly anticipated by me ))
Shawn and Juliet doing couple skating - is the best of their moments throughout the show and my personally favourite. :inlove: As good, funny and romantic as "Very Close Talking" and the episode with Shawn's dancing for his school girlfriend in the Reunion Party.
I believe I should make video caps for these episodes )

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Всякие английские полезные/интересные выражения

Давно нужно было начать их записывать, а то в буржуйских сериалах всяких полезных идиом и выражений встречается великое множество, и большинство из них, к сожалению, забывается (

Сленговые синонимы для выражения to have sex:
bang, bonk, fuck, frig, hump, lay (например, get laid), quickie (по-быстрому), ride, root, screw, shag (британский)

Эвфемизмы на ту же тему:
creating one flesh; sleeping together; horizontal dancing; horizontal mambo

Неоднозначные синонимы, которые в речи могут намекать на сексуальные отношения:
hanky panky; funny business; how's your father (существительное); making whoopee; jiggery-pokery; monkey business; fooling around; playing around

let loose - (синонимы) let off, go off - 1.To permit to go or escape; excuse from a penalty, a duty, or a promise 2. get free from restraint

let off the hook - to allow someone to escape from a difficult situation or to avoid doing something that they do not want to do

cut somebody off - перебить говорящего /to interrupt somebody when they are speaking

heart of the matter - суть дела /crux of the matter, bottom line, essence of the issue (синонимы)

in the first place - в начале, прежде всего. /in the beginning

off-limits - запрещённый. Пример из Nip Tuck: This is show business, Sean. Nothing is off-limits.

to walk out on someone - уйти от кого, в смысле бросить. /to suddenly end your relationship with someone or something.

to suck oneself off - отсасывать у самого себя. = ))) Да, очень полезное выражение :angel2:

to be updated...
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OMG. I'm writing a fiction!

Fandom: Psych (after season 2 finale)
Author: Phate
Genre: how should I know? ))) just a small dialog
Synopsis: Shawn and his ex-girlfriend talking in the bed after a 'do-you-remember-how-it-used-to-be' makeout
Language: English

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Everybody, everybody! Get up! Get up now! S-s-stand up, don't be shy!
People, people, people! Get up! Get up! Everybody testify!

I need some action, people! :dance3: Aaa-ction!
Something to translate may be... this thanxless job is killing me >___<

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