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A bit of English

None more so than
Вот такое выражение, кажущееся несвязанным логически набором слов я встретила недавно в тексте.
Оказывается, устойчивое выражение, имеет смысл, "в особенности".

Хуй я, конечно, буду такое нагромождение слов использовать вместо какого-нибудь especially, но прост, было познавательно )

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Немого познавательного инглиша )

Я - тот странный любитель английского, который никогда особо не задумывался, что скрывается под сокращением I'd better (you'd better, he'd better, не суть).
Мне в одном из тестов, что проходила пару недель назад попался заковыристый вопрос на эту тему, и я засомневалась.
I had better.
У меня почему-то была мысль, что там может скрываться would. Но нихуя. Только had.
It means 'I should', btw.

Вот так и всплывают некоторые пробелы в теоретических знаниях. Инглиш в школе то у меня был максимально хуёвый. И базовый инглиш я вовсю черпала из фильмов, на слух.
Пусть всплывают. Про provided you get я запомнила ))))

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Good Omens

Angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley has been watching the Earth since the very beginning of time, doing good things and bad things respectively.
As time passed these two have managed to establish some kind of nice working relationship including lending a hand to one another if needed. Why waste time and go to the same place at the same time together if one could easily do both jobs, e.g. tempting and blessing.

Although both of them were aware of the Great Plan, which definitely includes the Apocalypse, it all seemed to happen in the very distant future so no need to worry now. Everything changed when Crowley was assigned with the task of delivering the Antichrist to the Order of satanic nuns. The nuns in turn were supposed to switch the baby of an American diplomat with the son of their Master. So on his eleventh birthday the boy will meet the hellhound, name it and the Apocalypse will begin.

Crowley was in favor of the Apocalypse in general terms but he seemed to be enjoying his life on Earth a bit too much to end it soon. So was his colleague and friend Aziraphale, there are no classical music and wine and books in heaven after all.
So maybe if Adam the Antichrist falls under the good influence of an Angel he will not initiate the Apocalypse when time comes.

Due to the nuns cock-up with switching the babies the so called 'Destroyer of Kings, Angel of the Bottomless Pit' that was supposed to go to America is actually living in a small English village of Tadfield under no influence of either an angel or a demon. It all becomes obvious when the assumed Antichrist doesn't get a dog for his 11th B-day but Adam in England does. The dreadful hellhound transforms itself into a cute small dog following its master's desire, the boy who eagerly wished for a dog happily excepts his new 'good boy' so all the schemes are set in motion and the Apocalypse is now days away.

I enjoyed the show, it's nice, funny and smart. Loved the acting of David Tennant and Michael Sheen. These two are actually what I love the most about the show. Really nice bromance they had on the screen. I'm quite surprised the show almost managed to avoid gay jokes. Even Sherlock couldn't resist the temptation.
I really appreciate the music.
I've read the book quite some time ago so I don't remember the details much, but from what I do remember the show is very accurate, it tells the story nicely and according to the original idea of the authors.
I only hope there is no season two coming, this story really doesn't need any sequels.

Funny how the demon is always honest and straightforward with the angel. But 'the good guy' keeps being such a hypocrite.

I wish I could understand English better so didn't have to use the rewind button and subs so often. >_<

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London is the capital of Great Britain.

Послушала тут некоторых блогеров, которые активно оперируют такими терминами, как уровни языка А1, В1, В2, С1 и так далее.
Поняла, что немного не в теме этой классификации, так что решила обратиться к гуглу и измерить длину своих английских знаний.
Нашла ряд тестов, все очень крутые, вроде на первый взгляд изи, а так смотришь, они прям все проёбы в знаниях наружу вытаскивают. Некоторые тесты, к сожалению, оказались, ублюдочными и не показали мне итоговый результат. Ну ничего, я получила удовольствие от процесса. = )))

В итоге, думаю, я где-то на уровне С1. Возможно, я себе льщу. Возможно, всего лишь B2. Ну или где-то по середине.
Если вспомнить, что на этом уровне я училась в английской школе, лет 10 назад, становится немного грустно. Куда я проебала всё это время и почему я до сих пор не fluent?!

Пока проходила все эти тесты, нашла для себя новый речевой оборот.
Provided you have / provided you get
Ни разу не встречала нигде. Означает "если". Если у вас есть / если вы получите.
Наверное, не самое ходовое выражение. Но прикольно.

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RE2. First campaign... done!

Fucking shit!
That was intense!
Just finished the first Leon's campaign. Amazing how they put it! All crazy, full of fighting and running and grabbing stuff on the run.

First I had to put down 'The Mutated Guy' (his identity could be a spoiler to somebody, fuck if I know). Then run with the goddamn red timer on with the monsters trying to grab me by my ass. Then I had a hell of ride on a medium-size moving platform with Super Tyrant on it.
Finally I had to blow this annoying thing up with the Big Fucking Gun. Eat this motherfucker!
Sorry zombies, catch a flash grenade and I have a train to catch.

I superloved this final sequence of events!
Although I had to restart from the checkpoint a couple of times before I realized what I'm supposed to do with all this crazy stuff.

As usual I met the Boss unprepared with all but one First-Aid left in storage. Sure he kicked me dead at first.
Funny how defeating him felt easier than when we met for the second time.
That time this fucker really gave me some pain in the ass.

I thought I'm missing Russian voiceover of the game when I chose English. It appeared I miss nothing. The voice is still English, Russian is just about the subs and other text.
Fuck it then.

Oh yeah. Almost forgot. The music in the episode with Super Tyrant rendezvous is hot as hell!

Here was supposed to be a picture of burning ST, but I couldn't find a really epic one.
So there's just Leon ready to shot some zombie's balls off.

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Про Нетфликс

Собиралась смотреть сериал на Нетфликсе, а он оказался на испанском с английскими сабами. Ну нахуй. На испанском я ещё не смотрела...
Полистала то, что сервис мне предлагает на основании просмотренного, либо уже видела, либо не интересно.

Give me something I'm gonna like. :eyebrow:

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Guess who's back to Netflix? = )

We've got a gift of 3-months free membership.
Stand Up specials, I'm coming! :vict:

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Different stuff

Outside there are the last few days of sun before a long season of fiftysomething shades of gray.
Instead of being there, walking the streets, breathing the air and taking pictures I'm staying home, having a housewife's trip, cleaning, cooking, changing cat litter and other stuff.
I've never been good at seizing the moment.

I've stashed a bottle of American Zinfandel. This is the closest I can get to California right now. Maybe someday, in the future I will be able to catch a bit of Californian sun myself. Who knows, right?

Last week I've had a nice couple of days of boardgaming. On Friday we've played Bruges and Cluedo. Bruges is a lovely game with the most actions taken by cards. The map is used mostly as a tool to keep score and it makes the game look nice. Together with Azgrim we've finished second, which is ok taking into account it was the first time we played the game. Yeah, we've scored the same amount of points, when Azgrim was occupied with building channels and getting statues, I was trying to build as many houses as possible and put my dudes into those houses. At the very beginning Azgrim became a channel leader, some rounds later I snatched a different king of leadership, I had the largest characters' pool, although I had to murder one random character of each player to own it. While all the way through my beloved husband kept the reputation leadership with no chance for anyone to take over. He by the way won the game. Guys living in his houses appeared to be cooler than those living in mine.
Our host finished last. = ) There were four of us, btw.

Cluedo is a sherlockholmes' game of investigating a murder. Players ask questions, take notes to find out who committed the murder, where he/she did it and what weapon he/she used.
The game seemed really hard for me, to make all the notes clear, not to confuse myself, but at some point it all became obvious and I managed to win the game before other playes were able to.

On Saturday we've spent some time with Codenames, Bang! Samurai Sword, King of New York and Camel Up!. Codenames were fun although it's hard to play with people whose way of thinking you don't follow.
Bang! was a bit of fun and a bit of something else. The game recommends players to keep their roles in secret. Some of us just couldn't help showing everybody what team they play for.
My character's special ability was to attack twice per turn, but all the weapons stuck in others' players hands. It really sucked. I could kill all the motherfuckers and it's exactly what should be done while being a Ronin. It's just the game didn't wish to give me at least some weapons. Athough it flooded me with the Defend Cards. For other players it was so hard to finish me off = ) It was fun after all. = )
King of New York is a game where it's really easy to get your ass kicked during the first couple of rounds. Kill or be killed. Those dead monsters go have some tea and chat stuff when the living ones conquer New York and find out who's the biggest monkey in the jungle. I was done long before the end. But I kept cheering and having fun. = )

Camel Up is a fun game of bets on Camel's racing. There were four of us left to deal with camels.
It's fun to play, easygoing, quite fast, and good for your Instagram. C'mon, Camel's race, with the actual miniatures of camels, whith a pyramid, a photo camera and a nice race track. It's really good for showing your mates what you're up to.

I really want to play Sheriff of Nottingham with some of my mates. It would be so fun, so not serious, may be even a little bit not sober. The rules are easy, btw.

The best board games are designed for four to five players, unfortunately. Bigger companies will have to play Munchkin till the very moment they got sick of this game. Some party games are also on the menu, of course. If you ask me I'd rather play some Alias than Munchkin. This monster-killing dungeon-looting game has got me sick to my stomach.

Just skip this post, guys. I realize it's not easy for everyone to read it and comment on it. It's just I want my brain work and also challenge myself. :dance3:

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Пересмотрела хорошее английское кино The Full Monty.
Озвучку вырубила сразу же. Она вообще не живая. Бывает такая стрёмная русская озвучка, которая даже самый смешной фильм превратит в УГ.
В общем, включила английские сабы. Потому что пиздец не понятно говорят = ( Даже если они произносят предложение целиком из известных мне слов, всё равно хуй разберёшь. Прям какая-то беда.

На днях включила британский "Офис". Та же хуйня. Половину не понимаю. = (

Окей гугл. Как научиться воспринимать британский английский на слух?

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This was intense

Обычно мои отношения с английским ограничиваются чтением гомиксов, просмотром стенд-апов и кино/сериалов.
А тут пришлось звонить через Скайп в саппорт американской компании. У меня аж уши вспотели от страха.
Как тот Абдул из предыдущего поста, плиз, окей, плиз.

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yeah, Lex. Like we have a choice.


Немного стэндапа

Оказывается, мой любимый доктор Бен из сериала Луи, это английский комик Рики Джервейс.
Случайно, в поисках видосов со Стивеном Фрайем и его эталонным английским, нашла вчера на Ютюбе спешал Джервейса. Смеялась = )

Вот спешал целиком.

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I hate this shit

TV-shows sometimes do this twist when it's been some time since the previous season or episode, something huge has happened and they just throw it to your face.
It feels like you are late for party and missed all the fun.
Fuck this shit!

I started watching the 4th season of House of Lies and here we go. It's been a while since the last season. Jeannie's pregnant, Marty spent some time in prison, they seem to mislike each other.
Really? The best idea you could come up with?!
Fuck this shit!

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Hey hey!
I'm alive. Tired. Deprived of the @Diary.

Дома смотрю второй сезон Банши. Осталось чуть больше половины. Беда (

It's already tuesday. Things are going fine, mostly.

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Just a thought

The reason why the old Dredd movie rocks and the new one sucks!

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Two Long-Islands...

is all it takes to be happy.
I'm a fucking alcoholic! >_<

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Sherlock: Case of Evil

Recently I've become quite a fan of Sherlock Holmes. Not the original story, of course, since reading is not a kind of activity I enjoy.

First of all, it was Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes" whith Sherlock portrayed by my greatest love Robert Downey Jr. Followed by the most disturbing, yet brilliant BBC drama series "Sherlock", bringing the action from old England to modern days, introducing an outstanding actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
Last year 'lovely villain' Jonny Lee Miller joined the 'Sherlock team' in a based on the original story TV-show "Elementary", where Sherlock moved from London to New York, hooked on heroin, rehabilitated and met pretty Dr. Watson which is now female and played by Lucy Liu.

It seems like I would enjoy every more or less watchable Sherlock movie or TV-show. Couple of days ago I saw a movie-poster with a handsome guy on a cover, who was supposed to be Sherlock. This is how I found "Sherlock: Case of Evil".
I couldn't find the movie on Russian trackers, so this post is in English )

The movie brings us to Sherlock (James D'Arcy) in his late 20s. He's chasing Professor Moriarty (Vincent D'Onofrio). They fight, Sherlock shots him in the chest, Moriarty falls down the sewers. He's pronounced dead but the body was never found.

Was he dead? Fuck no!
SPOILER alert.

Later, opium den owners started getting murdered. During the autopsy Inspector Lestrade introduces Sherlock to Dr. Watson. Who's here a man of shocking looks and enormous size, not even close to Martin Freeman, but still a nice guy.
Together they come to a conclusion that Moriarty is alive, and he's behind all these murders. The situation gets more complicated, when Sherlock realizes the girl, who hired him to track down Moriarty at the first place, was actually an actress, hired by Moriarty himself.
And now, when Sherlock found her, she gets into Moriarty's kill list.
Once again Sherlock confronts Moriarty, but this time Moriarty appears to be well prepared. Sherlock gets his ass kicked and is captured by his thugs.
The bad guy is planning to take over a drug market in England and America. For this purpose he invented a new strong and highly addictive drug. Nameless yet. And of course he's about to test it on Sherlock.
'Before you die, maybe you have any ideas about the name', - says Moriarty to Sherlock. 'It must be something heroic'.
Funny, hah!?

Balancing on the verge of death for a couple of days, Sherlock finally catches the moment and organizes his escape. He's a hard guy to break!
It's only a matter of time when Holmes, Watson and Lestrade capture Moriarty. But again the villain's one step ahead of all the good guys. He kidnaps the girl, for whom Sherlock seems to have romantic feelings and is expecting guests to come.

On the final stage Sherlock, Moriarty and the girl Rebecca Doyle. Moriarty wants Sherlock to live with an image of dying beloved. He shots Sherlock, causing him minor damage, than he shots Rebecca dead. Sad.
Sherlock gets mad, runs after Moriarty, fences him and drops him down from Big Ban. Epic win, sort of...

When it's over Sherlock received a package with his famous hat inside, and Watson presents him with a smoking pipe. He puts on the hat, takes the pipe, making a canonical image of Sherlock Holmes, Watson takes a photograph of him.

The End.

Funny how this 'Sherlock' differs from all I've seen before. The story is sexed up considerably. My favourite scene is when our detective's trying hard to solve Moriarty's mystery, drinking a helping bottle of Gin, than wine, than a bottle of Absinthe. Wasted, he picks up two girls and having a threesome.
Normally, one should fall down drunk after a bottle of Gin. And this guy Moriarty tries to kill with heroine?! Pleeease.

I pretty much love this 'Sherlock'. All the characters are extremely nice and I found myself sympathising more and more with all of them as the movie wents on.
Sherlock himself is adorable, cute and sometimes funny. He's nowhere close to sociopath Benedict, or "hard-rock" Robert. He reminds me of Jonny, actually. Jonny with qualities of 19-century gentleman.

Dr. Watson as I already mentioned is a man of a great size. Surprising after Jude or Martin. But he's still a very nice guy, ready to help even if this help costs him his career.

Moriarty is no mystery here, unfortunately. But he's totally an evil genius, with a splash of madness in his eyes. He's quite the Andrew Scott's Moriarty. Although unlike BBC' Moriarty this one seems to be defeated.

Sadly, the movie is not to be continued.

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It always takes the bigger shit to realize how small was the previous one.

@настроение: говно!

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Исключительно в образовательных целях )

Способы употребления любимого английского слова в предложениях = )

Dismay — Oh! Fuck it!
Aggression — Fuck you.
Passive — Fuck me.
Command — Go fuck yourself.
Incompetence — He's a fuck-up.
Laziness — He's a fuck off.
Ignorance — He's a fucking jerk.
Trouble — I guess I'm fucked now.
Confusion — What the fuck.
Despair — Fucked again.
Philosophical — Who gives a fuck?
Denial — You ain't fucking me.
Rebellion — Fuck the world.
Annoyance — Don't fuck with me.
Encouragement — Keep on fucking.
Etiquette — Pass the fucking salt.
Fraud — I got fucked by my insurance agent.
Difficulty — I can't understand this fucking business.
Identification — Who the fuck are you?
Agreement — You're fucking right.
Benevolence — Don't do me any fucking favors.

Попереводим на великий могучий? )

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Multiple orgasms

I'm watching Sherlock BBC 2x01 in English, that's what I wanted to do for a couple of weeks.
It is definitely my favourite episode! :inlove:

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