lozenger пишет фик по ЛоМ/Шерлок:
"You’ve been working in the police since you were a teenager, and for a while there, you hated the job, but you kept at it because, for you, it’s a calling, a mission. You were dirty, but now you’re cleaning up, with a little assistance. You’re married without children, which is a sore point, and your wife is currently staying with her mother, whom you hate, so you haven’t spoken for at least three, four weeks. You’re irrevocably attracted to your DI here, and in many ways he’s the best friend you’ve ever had, even though most people who know you both are foolish enough to think you hate each other vehemently. Oh, and you served in the military at one point, must have been National Service, for the timeline to fit, and you were shot in the arm, but it was only a glancing bullet and did more psychological damage than physical."

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